Creating System Specifications Has Never Been Easier

SPEC is an innovative that automatically creates system documentation for software written on one of MAGIC's application platforms. This tool is designed to support and expedite the often arduous and time-consuming tasks involved in the process of defining detailed system requirements. By automating these processes, SPEC can reduce the time required for these efforts by as much as 40%.
SPEC meets the real needs of software vendors and enterprise IT departments:
  • Shortens the time required to define system specifications, often by as much as 40%
  • Reduces programming efforts and person/hours
  • Creates a standard for managing requirements definition processes within the organization
  • Enhances the level of professionalism regarding planning, execution and post-execution feedback
  • Ensures deliverables in shortest timeframes and minimum investment
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive GUI designed for optimal usability

SPEC can be used by a wide range of users, including system analysts, developers, and QA personnel. SPEC output can easily be read by customer personnel for purposes of approval.

Comprehensive Functionality – From Analysis to PDF


SPEC is comprised of four main modules:

  1. Data structure: The system enables efficient and easy creation of a database, much of which is performed by automatic tools. This includes the definition of data types, tables, table fields, table keys and relationships between tables.
  3. Specifications/Processes: Defining the system specifications consists of the analysis of numerous distinct processes. SPEC provides a comprehensive solution for each type of specification – from screens and reports to internal programs and menus. The system allows users to divide the system into an unlimited number of processes and sub-processes. For each process, SPEC automatically generates an ERD that details the tables used by the process and the relationships between them.

  5. "Boilerplate" Repository: Users can define and store "boilerplate" texts that can be used by the system analyst in writing the specifications of a given process. These texts can be edited as needed. Any change to one of the boilerplate texts will result in the automatic update of the specification for all processes that use this text. It is also possible to perform a search for all processes that use a particular boilerplate text.

  7. Specifications document creation: For each requirements definition project, you can prepare a number of specifications documents that contain the appropriate processes. All it takes to create a specifications document is to choose the relevant requirements to be included in the document, determining their order of presentation and the like. No new writing is required. This tool provides maximum flexibility in terms of making changes, selecting the desired process version to be documented, allows the production of partial documents or the production of specifications for individual system modules.

An Example Document