Reverse Engineering
A large portion of existing software systems today is not fully documented. The lack of documentation stems from both negligence and the difficulty in documenting constantly evolving systems on an ongoing and continuous basis.
Up-to-date and comprehensive documentation provides software owners with the flexibility and information they need to perform changes, update systems to more advanced technologies, and transfer knowledge among developers. Documentation is critical for system maintenance, and is often sorely missed when key system knowledge leaves the organization together with the programmer who wrote the system.

Automated Reverse Engineering for MAGIC Applications
Among its many products, Kopel Reem offers an innovative tool, known as SPEC, which automatically creates system documentation for software written on one of MAGIC's application platforms. The true uniqueness of this tool, however, is its ability to perform reverse engineering. This tool enables developers to take an undocumented system, analyze the code and create a complete specifications document – automatically and without any human intervention. The document is written in easily understandable English (not programming language) for use by technical and business personnel.

Reverse Engineering Workflow

Kopel Reem's unique and fully automatic reverse engineering solution for MAGIC-based systems provides the following deliverables:
    • Specifications document detailing each program and task in the business application. This document includes screen schematics, field descriptions, files and a unique ERD for each process.

    • The specifications document is available in HTML and PDF formats.

    • HTML file library including cross-references and links between entities.

    • Set of reports including programs/tasks not in use, conditional functions, etc.