Software Development

From concept to production
Kopel Reem has over 15 years experience in the execution of IT software development projects for customers interested in receiving a finished product, delivered and installed ready to run. Kopel Reem specializes in the development of information systems based on .NET and other technologies - from concept to production. Kopel Reem builds the project team from its highly skilled resource base, in accordance with the relevant fields of expertise required for each particular project.
Development projects begin with an in-depth analysis of the customer’s requirements and the creation of a detailed specification document (ERD). Once the specifications receive final approval from the customer, Kopel Reem takes responsibility for all development phases (design review, programming, QA, testing, installation, documentation and maintenance/support).
Kopel Reem assigns a project manager to each development project. The project manager serves as the main point of contact with the customer and accompanies the project throughout the entire lifecycle (including ongoing maintenance). The project manager is responsible for the quality of each and every deliverable, as well as ensuring compliance with timetables and budgets.
In its development projects, Kopel Reem places an emphasis on:
    • Product Quality: Kopel Reem conducts stringent testing and QA on each software component and on the system as a whole prior to delivery.

    • Timeliness: The project schedule is defined in Kopel Reem's proposal to the customer. Our outstanding track record shows that we are on time and on budget in 95% of our projects.

    • Technological Innovation: We leverage cutting-edge technologies, such as SMS notifications, hand-held computers, web, Citrix and Terminal Server, in order to provide our customers with optimal performance.

    • Documentation: Unlike many other vendors, at Kopel Reem documentation is an integral part of the development process. After each meeting a summary document is written and sent to the customer. Detailed specifications documents are prepared and sent for customer approval prior to the programming stage. The project deliverables also include testing documentation, user guide, work procedures and more.

    • Usability: Over time, Kopel Reem has created a standard for user interface and system design that is applied in all of our development projects. This standard places an emphasis on usability and convenience, reducing the learning curve for system users and facilitating daily operations and maintenance.