Outsourcing | Offshoring

Range of Partnering Models to Meet Your Outsourcing Needs
Kopel Reem offers two outsourcing models that enable customers to achieve optimal R&D resource utilization, while retaining complete control of the software development process.

Outsource professional resources to customer locations
The first step in the outsourcing process is to obtain a deep understanding of the customer's needs. This is the key to offering the customer the right set of services. Based on the customer's needs, Kopel Reem chooses from its pool of highly skilled resources the employee that best fits the personal and professional demands of the customer. While the employee works as part of the customer's team at the customer's location, he/she is backed by Kopel Reem's team of experts in terms of support and consulting.
In addition to outsourcing of professional resources, Kopel Reem also offers a set of components that can significantly streamline the programming effort, as well as increasing productivity and improving quality of the final product. The effectiveness of Kopel  Reem's components and automated tools has been demonstrated by the increased performance of Kopel Reem's own development department. Previously, a development team comprising eight programmers worked on two projects and supported 50 customers. With the advanced tools and components, a team of three programmers are working on 15 development projects and supporting about 150 customers.
Based on our own experience, by combining outsourcing with Kopel Reem components can result in very significant savings in human resources, while increasing productivity by over 300%!

Serve as offshore development center for vendors and enterprises
Offshoring provides the best of both worlds - the benefits of a dedicated team without the challenges and costs of recruitment, management and administrative overhead. In addition, offshore development centers give clients the flexibility to scale their teams, in terms of numbers or skill sets, as needed.
Kopel Reem offshore services allow customers to extend their development and/or testing teams by leasing Kopel Reem resources for a pre-determined duration of time. We provide as many R&D resources as needed in accordance with the required skill sets and experience, such as MAGIC, .NET and web development. In all of these cases, our clients benefit from the finest, highly educated software developers that the industry has to offer. These resources are based at our main development facility in Israel and are managed by the customer. An on-site Kopel Reem team leader is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities, and reporting to the customer.
This model relieves the customer from having to invest in the recruiting and training of new R&D resources, as well as saving costs associated with office space and equipment, administrative overhead, etc.