Upgrade to uniPaaS

uniPaaS is the next generation of Magic Software's award-winning eDeveloper series. It is the industry’s first RIA and SaaS-enabled Application Platform (SEAP) that uses a single development paradigm to automatically handle all Client and Server partitioning. uniPaaS maximizes flexibility in deploying business applications, enabling Full Client or Web; on-premise or on-demand; software or Software-as-a-Service; or global or local modes.
uniPaaS features a browser-free, business-centric and .NET-based client that combines the rich computational capacity and user experience of a "fat client" with the affordability of a "thin client."
The uniPaaS product line allows Magic Software customers, application owners and ISVs to extend their service and product offerings to both RIA and SaaS, while significantly lowering their application maintenance and delivery costs.

Why uniPaas?
    • Fast time to market with low cost of ownership

    • Move from Full client mode to RIA and SaaS (and back again if needed) based on single set of business logic without re-coding

    • Deploy unified solution across changing and heterogeneous environments

    • Browser-free technology avoids the limitations and complexities of browser environments

    • "Fit client" optimizes functionality and reduces costs

    • Focus on business logic rather than technology

Solution Benefits
In order to support their business strategies, enterprises and vendors are looking to upgrade their MAGIC-based business applications to uniPaaS. This highly versatile application platform can be deployed in Full Client mode to enable enterprises to leverage their existing IT investments, while setting the stage for quick and easy transition to RIA and SaaS as required. Kopel Reem's automatic conversion solution lets enterprises upgrade their legacy applications to uniPaaS while keeping existing functionality and business logic intact. This enables the fastest possible conversion of your business applications with minimum hassle and cost.

Automatic conversion offers numerous advantages:
    • Shorter time to market

    • Less bugs and no human error

    • Automation reduces conversion effort and cost

    • Maximum accuracy reduces ongoing maintenance costs

    • Analysis reports identify inactive programs, unused operations, etc. that can be "cleaned up" to ease future maintenance

How It Works:

Kopel Reem offers a proven methodology and advanced set of automated conversion tools that enable enterprises and software vendors to convert their existing applications from any earlier version of eDeveloper to uniPaaS Full Client mode. This fully automated solution utilizes a dedicated engine that reads the Magic application and automatically generates converted code.
The conversion process comprises the following steps:

  1. Transfer of data by customer including the following items:
           a. Removal of unused files and programs
           b. Full Syntax checks (F8) resulting in no errors
           c. Full application export
           d. List of temporary tables
           e. Application INI file
            f. Application font and color files
           g. Date files (for database conversion test)

  2. Conversion using automated tools performed at Kopel Reem offices

  3. Initial tests performed at KopelReem offices

  4. Transfer of final products to client:
           a. converted application
           b. analysis reports
           c. new color and font files

  5. Creation of test environment at customer site (client responsibility)

  6. Data conversion in test environment

  7. Bugs fixed by Kopel Reem (if necessary)

  8. Full production environment including fresh data conversion