Convert to SQL

Why Convert to SQL?
SQL has become the de facto standard for application databases. By converting their Magic databases to SQL (MS-SQL or Oracle), enterprises can enjoy the following benefits:
    • Standard environment enables easy database management by any programmer familiar with SQL

    • Scales to support vast data capacity

    • Allows programmer to create encapsulated components

    • Meets client IT department requirement for unified database environment

    • Easy maintenance and incorporation of external tools such as Business Intelligence (BI)

    • Higher level of data security based on user groups

    • Easy and fast backup and restore utilities including scheduling options as needed.

    • Future Magic R&D focuses on SQL environment

Solution - How It Works
Kopel Reem provides an automated and highly efficient solution for database conversions from Magic's traditionally Bitrieve or Prevasive technology to SQL (MS-SQL and Oracle).
Data conversion
Building of the work environment
External deliverables

Database conversion
Database conversion includes the following key activities:
    • Magic Table Repository Modification – table structures modified for SQL compatibility.

    • SQL Script Generation – initial scripts of indexes and tables for generating the database in the SQL environment.

    • Transaction Settings

    • Version Update Component – This component enables simple management of the SQL database and maintains full compatibility between the system version and the database structure. The component automatically runs scripts that perform the database changes and verifies that the changes are in place before the system begins to run.

    • Sequences Component – this component manages database sequences, enforcing the validity of transactions in user-intensive environments as well as enabling the extraction of sequences from within a given transaction.

    • Data Conversion Utilities – set of Magic programs that perform data migration from the old databse to the new SQL database.

Building and Tuning the Work Environment
Once the conversion is complete and the final source files are shipped to the customer, Kopel Reem trains and accompanies its customers in building the work environment. This includes database performance improvements to facilitate future development. Kopel Reem can also assist in formulating effective procedures regarding the installation of version updates for end users.
System performance issues are common following conversions from ISAM to SQL database environments. Kopel Reem has developed specialized tools and methodology that assist programmers at all levels to deal with performance issues that may occur. Using these tools, Kopel Reem's experts analyze the application and define proper work procedures (together with the customer) for solving potential bottlenecks.
Kopel Reem's experts provide training and accompany the customer in carrying out all necessary performance improvements in the actual production environment.
As a prerequisite to this stage, customer personnel must complete the SQL training course, since a great deal of the knowledge transfer is based on information covered in this course.

    • Fast deployment of new versions

    • Smooth and effective working procedures

    • Quick identification and resolution of problems (if applicable)

External Deliverables
External deliverables include:
    • Script for generating the database

    • Utilities for supporting direct conversion of the database, and tool for comparing the number of records in each database

    • Comprehensive set of reports including both statistics and recommended system improvements